What is child support budget?

Child budget is a contribution to the costs for your children up to the age of 18.
To inquire about childcare, please fill out the following form:

Child benefit inquiry form

You can get it, if you and your benefits partner meet certain requirements:

Child Budget One or more of your children are under the age of 18.
Child Budget You receive child benefit from the Social Insurance Bank (SVB).
Child Budget Your (joint) income is not too high. How high it may be depends on the composition of your family. Make a sample estimate to see if you can get child support.
Child Budget Possess Dutch nationality or reside legally in the Netherlands.
Child Budget The (joint) family wealth is not too high.
Child Budget If you are entitled to a child budget, you will usually be notified automatically by the Tax Administration (Belastingdienst Toeslagen).

Do you receive child support and is your joint income with your partner not too high? Then you may receive a child budget from the tax authorities. This is an extra contribution for families with children. This is paid every month.

More child budget for single parents

Are you a single parent? Then you get more child support than families with 2 parents. This extra amount is a living allowance. You can see how much you get by doing a trial estimate.

The child budget starts after the birth of your child. From the first day of the following month.

Increase in benefit for children over 12 years of age

Does your child turn 12 or 16? Then you’ll get more child support. This extra amount is a contribution to the school costs. The increase takes effect after the month your child turns 12 or 16 and depends on the value of your income.

Make a trial calculation to see how much you get.

Foreign allowances also count

Do you or your partner live abroad? Then the tax authorities will calculate how much child budget you are eligible to receive. It considers the Dutch benefits you already receive, and foreign allowances for your family (family benefits). Think of child benefit and foreign variants thereof. Per child, you will never receive more than the highest amount of family benefits to which you are entitled. The tax authorities apply the Dutch rules and the rules of the country in which you live.

You need a Citizen's Service Number

If you or your partner live abroad? To apply for child budget, you both need a Citizen’s Service Number (BSN). Read more about this at Burgerservicenummer if you, your partner or your child live outside the Netherlands.


You will usually receive the child budget from the tax authorities. But sometimes the SVB pays the allowance. The SVB looks at all family benefits that you already receive. How much you get depends on your situation. After each year you will receive a final calculation from the tax authorities. Did you get too much or too little? Then it will be recalculated.

Boratech can, at your request, apply for the allowances to which you are entitled as part of the subscription package. There are no additional costs involved.

If you want more information, you can leave your details in the main menu via CONTACT.

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