Do you have a rental property? And is your rent too high in relation to your income? Then you may be entitled to an allowance for the rental costs. We call this the rent allowance. Rent allowance is a contribution from the government for the rent of your home.

Can I get housing allowance and how much? How much capitalcan I have for housing benefit?

In 2022 you can receive housing allowance if your assets on 1 January 2022 did not exceed € 31,747. In 2021 this was a maximum of € 31,340. Co-residents are also not allowed to have more than € 31,747 in assets. Do you have a child who lives at home who is younger than 18? In that case, the assets of this child are included in your assets.

If you are single and if you earn more than € 32,500 in 2022 or if you have more than € 31,747 in assets, you are no longer eligible for housing benefit. You are also not allowed to have more than € 63,494 in assets together. If you earn less than € 18,750 and you meet all other conditions, you will receive the maximum allowance of € 380 per month.

Are you younger than 23 years old? Then your rent in 2022 may not exceed €442.46. In 2021 that was also €442.46. Do you have a child who lives with you? Then the rent in 2022 may still be € 763.47. In 2021 that was € 752.33.

To receive housing benefit, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Your rent is not too high.
  • You rent an independent living space.
  • Your income and that of your allowance partner and co-residents is not too high.
  • Your assets and that of your allowance partner and co-residents are not too high.
  • You live in the Netherlands.
  • You and the other co-residents are registered with the municipality at your home address.
  • You, your allowance partner and co-residents aged 18 and older have Dutch nationality or are legal in the Netherlands.
  • You are 18 years or older.
  • You and the landlord have signed a lease agreement.
  • You pay the rent and can prove this with bank statements.

If you have applied for housing benefit, you will receive your first payment after 8 weeks. This is a deposit, because the final amount can only be determined in the following year. We call this a provisional assessment. You will receive your monthly allowance on the 20th of the month.

Boratech can, at your request, request the benefits to which you are entitled as part of the subscription package. There are no additional costs involved.

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