VAT number, what is that?

A VAT number or VAT identification number is a unique number for your company. You can apply for it by registering with the Chamber of Commerce. You can also request a VAT number from your accountant. Since January 1, 2020, sole proprietorships have a new VAT identification number from the Tax Authorities . This new number is no longer linked to the citizen service number (BSN). The numbers have been changed due to privacy protection and identity theft.

The Tax Authorities will also give you a different VAT number if you are registered as an entrepreneur for turnover tax (VAT).

VAT number on invoice

It is mandatory to put the VAT number on your invoices. Your customers can then check it and vice versa you can do that with your customers.

Construction of a VAT number

A VAT number has a fixed structure. First of all, the country code NL for the Netherlands. Then 9 digits for the RSIN/tax number or citizen service number. And finally the letter B and a two-digit check digit.

Example of a VAT number
An example in the Netherlands is:

Difference from other registrational numbers

As an entrepreneur you have to deal with many different numbers. Go crazy with different ID numbers? This is the difference between all other numbers:

  • Citizen service number
    Everyone who is registered with the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) receives a citizen service number or BSN. In the past, this was the social security number.

Just like for VAT, this is a unique number, but the difference is that a citizen service number (BSN) is linked to a natural person.

  • RSIN or tax number
    The abbreviation RSIN stands for Legal Entities and Partnerships Information Number. As the name implies, it is a number for legal entities and partnerships. Examples of this are private limited companies, associations, foundations, general partnerships and partnerships. The identification number is personal and neutral and it is recorded in a database of the National Tax Authorities.

In the past this was the tax number. This old name is sometimes still used. The reason that the tax number has been entered has to do with the fact that it makes automated processing of payroll tax data possible for the National Tax Authorities. This prevents errors and saves a lot of time.

  • VAT identification number
    This is just another name. So there is no difference.

Check VAT number

You can check a company’s VAT number in two ways, depending on the country:

Check VAT number in the Netherlands
Do you want to check a customer’s Dutch VAT number? Then you can do this via VIES , a website of the European Commission.

Check VAT number in Europe
If you want to check a VAT number from another EU member state, read the explanation from the tax authorities first.

Boratech can help you to apply for a VAT number at your request, as part of the subscription package. There are no additional costs involved.

If you would like more information, you can leave your details in the main menu via CONTACT.

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